9 febbraio 2015

"Life" reviews from the Berlinale

Prime recenzioni dallanteprima stampa di "Life" al Berlinale

eglish version:

First "Life" review from the press screening at the Berlinale


Little White Lies

"Robert Pattinson impresses in this stylish drama about the relationship between celebrity and the media."

"An intense mob formed around the Berlinale press screening of Anton Corbijn's Life — such is the continued allure of Robert Pattinson. His fans beyond the festival will be pleased to hear that his brittle performance as LIFE magazine photographer, Dennis Stock, outshines Dane DeHaan's over-baked rendering of James Dean, although the latter is poignant enough to enliven this tale of men helping each other to take a leap into greatness."


"Pattinson's performance is as crisp as the white shirt and black suits his character always wears. This is a camouflage for his own problems that slowly unfurl, adding colour and improving the film."


"Pattinson steps up, allowing more of his character's insides to come out. As Life proceeds the pace picks up and by the third act, it is a compelling dramatisation of an artistically fascinating alliance."



"Stock (a show-stealing Robert Pattinson) first meets Dean at an LA party hosted by director Nicholas Ray."


"As it is, the main things you'll remember are Pattinson's best performance and the finest projectile vomit scene you’ve ever seen."

Boston Herald


"Robert Pattinson is perfectly cast as Stock, a man adrift with an ex-wife from a teenage marriage and guilt filled about the young son he never sees."

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