14 dicembre 2014

'Still Alice' Press Junket at the Four Seasons LA (Dec. 7th)



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Tweets from @RamasScreen:
#KristenStewart about #JulianneMoore "She really likes to straddle the spontaneous and the scary side" "I learned a lot" STILL ALICE
#KristenStewart is telling the press what it was like working with #JulianneMoore "I knew I could play her daughter" STILL ALICE junket
#KristenStewart is telling a story about a friend's relative, in the past, who was sick from the disease.
#KristenStewart is explaining her character, Lydia, to the press. STILL ALICE junket.
#KristenStewart "I revel in the change" STILL ALICE press junket.
#JulianneMoore "I tried to meet everybody at every stage of the disease" STILL ALICE press junket

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