6 dicembre 2014

New fanpics and Videos of Rob at FKA twigs Concert in Miami (Dec. 4th)


Also my picture is soooo bad bc he said to take the picture subtly and I tried to respect that. I'm forever grateful he was so sweet.

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Hey I got another one! #Rob was so sweet talking about how proud he is of FKA Twigs. And he defended his fans. #love
ome drunk guy came up to him and ask him if he was annoyed that fans kept asking for his pic. He said i would like to enjoy he concert but my fans are who made me. I was inner Fangirling 😍


This is how close I was to Rob Pattinson. He was just chilling watching his gf perform.
he's perfect! 😍🙌😉🌠
#fkatwigs #artbasel #iiipoints #robpatz #robpattinson


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