14 agosto 2014

More From 'The Rover' UK press junket interview


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Guy & Rob can you tell us a little bit about the differences in working on big films like Marvel franchises and the Twilight series as opposed to The Rover which has a has a much smaller independant feel to it?

Guy Pearce:
We were discussing this yesterday. Often really the differences are the people you are working with, so there can be massive differences between one film and another - purely because they are in different countries or different people but the budgets are the same. I think when it comes down to it and you are standing in front of the camera and you are acting and you have a director who wants a particular thing and you are just trying to successfully do what it is that you – there is no difference really. But if you stand back there are lots of executives standing around being nervous about lots of money, on a film like The Rover or Iron Man 3, although they weren't particularly nervous about their money and they were pretty confident about it, the whole Marvel team I think. But you are aware that it is bigger, in a way I prefer the more intimate situations, you can get answers out of the people you want answers from as opposed to hold on I need to find out from the hierarchy if we can change that word.

Robert Pattinson: I think The Rover is a more extreme example as well. When you have a big budget it creates expectations of how you are supposed to be treated. When we were out there, there was literally no option other than staying in a shipping container. It's kind of nice, everyone is on totally equal footing. It doesnt let your vanity take hold.

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